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Pardon Gray Day
Sept. 15th - Pardon Gray Day
Saturday - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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RWU Students
RWU Students
5th Year Roger Williams University students perform community service at Pardon Gray Preserve
On August 27th, students from the incoming class at Roger Williams University helped expose an old cellar hole at Pardon Gray Preserve. This is the fifth year that the students have performed services at Pardon Gray Preserve. Investigations to determine the age of the hole and who may have lived in the house are ongoing.
August 18th
Saturday - 7:45 p.m.
A Tour of the Summer Constellation with Astronomical Society of Southern New England.
Meet at Pardon Gray Preserve...bring chair/blanket for star gazing.
Event was cancelled due to poor weather... Hope to have more in the fall and winter months.
May 27th - Spring Community Forum
Sunday - 3 p.m.
Professor Peter August from the U.R.I. Department of Natural Resources Science will review the natural history of Rhode Island bats with special emphasis on the little brown bat. Little brown bats were one of our most common species of bat until a few years ago. Because of the mysterious disease, white-nose syndrome, they have now become one of our rarest species.
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April 30 - Movie - 'The City Dark'
Monday - 7 p.m.
The Meeting House
3850 Main Rd., Tiverton
A film on light pollution - 80 minute documentary with introduction by Francine Jackson of the Ladd Observatory see trailer: Click here.
Vernal Pool Walk
Vernal Pool Walk
About 28 people showed up to visit the vernal pool. In New England, the term vernal pool is used to refer to a wide variety of temporary, fish-free wetlands. In the narrow sense, a vernal pool is a temporary wetland which fills each spring (vernal means spring) and dries annually. Some may persist for several years before drying. The peepers cooperated when we got to the pool. We got a close up look at a salamander and salamander eggs (see our Facebook page). Also saw a few bats flying overhead. Fun time!
*Picture courtesy of D Sanna
Skunk Cabbage at the Vernal Pool
Skunk Cabbage
In the wetlands along the Cemetery Trail at Pardon Gray Preserve, spring arrived very early in the form of Skunk Cabbage plants.
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farm produce
Saving farmland -- a 'Shout Out' to our neighboring community
Here's a link about the Orr Family Farm in our neighboring community of Westport, MA:
Click here
YouTube video of a Today Show feature about Andrew Orr, the young man who bought 14 acres of farmland along Adamsville Road and is running the Orr Farmstand.
Pardon Gray Day
September 17, 2011- Pardon Gray Day
The Tiverton Land Trust's Pardon Gray Day was held on Saturday, September 17th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pardon Gray Preserve on Main Road in Tiverton. The popular community event included music, hayrides, children's actvities, food, drinks, and lots more.
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Great Walnut Hunt
September 3, 2011 - Great Walnut Hunt
On Saturday morning, 24 young kids participated in the 'Great Walnut Hunt' at Pardon Gray Preserve. Hurricane Irene had come through and stripped the trees of walnuts. They are large and very hard. Stepping on them does not crush them but more often causes them to roll.
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May 28, 2011 - Nature up Close and Personal
The Tiverton Land Trust hosted a family event on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at the Pardon Gray Preserve for an up close view of life along the fields and trails.
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May 7, 2011 Go Fly a Kite
About 10 families showed up at Pardon Gray Preserve on Saturday morning (May 7th) to take advantage of the beautiful weather & great breezes to try their luck at kite flying. Everyone had a great time with only one kite ending up in a tree.
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Knapweed Study
On Friday, April 8, 2011, University of Rhode Island (URI) Entomologist, Lisa Tewksbury and Carl Sawyer from the department of Plant Sciences at URI came to Pardon Gray Preserve to meet Garry Plunkett and Wayne Browning to collect seed heads from Black Knapweed, an invasive plant which is flourishing at the Preserve.
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Egg Hunt
It was a bit nippy, but the chill did not stop over 50 kids from enjoying their egg hunt at Pardon Gray Preserve.
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Community Forum Held
On Tuesday, April 5th, Robert M. Thorson returned to the Tiverton Land Trust as a guest speaker for its Spring Community Forum.
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Guided Nature Walks
The TLT has initiated a series of guided nature walks, beginning this past fall. The first, a Full Moon Walk took place in November, 2010.
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If You Build It…
One of the many children's activities during September's Country Day at Pardon Gray was making bluebird boxes. Fifteen boxes were donated to the TLT and set up around the Preserve.
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Annual Letter from the TLT President
In 2010 the TLT was part of a consortium of public and private organizations that helped purchase the development rights for 140 acres of Ferolbink Farm.
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