Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint.

~ Robert Frost 

Students from LEAF (Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future) from Connecticut and New York joined students Brayton Keenan and Eddy Keenan of Little Compton to help construct ‘bridges’ through wetlands at the Pocasset Ridge Conservation Area today, Wednesday July 12.

The lumber had to be hauled in from the Main Rd. lot to sites about 0.4 miles onto the property.  John Berg and Cheryl Wiitala from the Nature Conservancy joined myself and Jim Spears for a full day of work under some very hot and humid conditions only made worse by lots of mosquitoes.  Although all the wetland crossings have not yet been bolted down, all the wood is in the areas where the job will be completed within the next week or so.  Opening of the trails to the public should be on schedule to happen in early fall.

Wayne Browning

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