In every walk with nature one receives far more than (s)he seeks.

~ John Muir 

Cattle knee deep in delicious green grass at the north end of Pardon Gray Preserve. The two young calves were born just a few weeks ago.
Baling Hay on Pardon Gray Preserve
Skunk Cabbage
A Country Day at Pardon Gray 2015. Photo by Michael Holden.
Baling hay on Pardon Gray Preserve
Hiking in Highland Woods
Roger Williams University Students give community service on Pardon Gray Preserve.
Pardon Gray Preserve
Vernal pond
Skunk Cabbage
Hay Bales on Pardon Gray Preserve
Hiking from Pardon Gray to Weetamoo Woods
Cattle knee deep in delicious green grass at the north end of Pardon Gray Preserve. The two young calves were born just a few weeks ago.

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Lucy Spelman, DVM

ART CAN SAVE A PANDA: Reconnecting the Arts and Sciences

Dr. Lucy Spelman, former Director of the Smithsonian National Zoo and professor at RISD, has advocated and cared for wildlife around the world, from giant pandas to mountain gorillas. She has worked to link conservation with the arts throughout her career -- consulting for Animal Planet and National Geographic, founding Creature Conserve, and engaging the public through science and arts education.  A wildlife veterinarian Dr. Spelman makes the case for bringing artists and scientists together to foster sustained and informed public support for animal conservation.

doctoring the ark wildlife

The need for a new, more creative approach to saving animal species is urgent. Using examples including work by her students at RISD, she shows it is possible to reconnect the arts and sciences to make the problems facing the animal kindom, as well as the solutions, more accessible, meaningful and relevant. Dr. Spelman is board certified in zoological medicine. Her work experience includes 10 years with the Smithsonian's National Zoo, half as clinical vet and half as zoo director, when she brought two giant pandas from China to the U.S. She ran the field program for Gorilla Doctors in Africa, treating sick and injured mountain gorillas. She is author of the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia and co-editor of The Rhino with Glue-on Shoes. She founded Creature Conserve to provide ways for artists and scientists to work together for the benefit of all animals, including humans.

This event will also include a brief overview of the Tiverton Land Trust's recent work, and the TLT Volunteer of the Year award. Free and open to the public. Click here for more information and directions.