In every walk with nature one receives far more than (s)he seeks.

~ John Muir 

Bat Boxes donated by Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts in Tiverton build Bat Boxes for Pardon Gray

The Tiverton/ Little Compton Cub Scouts, Pack 10, present their Bat Boxes to the Tiverton Land Trust, with TLT President Eric Watne.  From left to right are Alexander Monkevicz, Aiden Simas, Adam Marley, Kelly Duda, Anthony Simas, Evan Duda and Nick Duda.  Anthony Simas & Kelly Duda are Den Leaders.  Not able to make the photo was Zach Lindstrom who with his sister Aubrey Lindstrom also built a house. While Nick Duda is not yet in Scouts, he built his own houseThe Webelos 1 Den were working on an elective adventure pin called Build It, the goal of the pin is for the kids to gain knowledge of different types of tools and their uses, develop tool use skills along with practicing proper safety techniques and to learn about different types of craftsmanship.  Home Depot in Somerset, MA donated the materials to make this project happen.  Lucky bats of Pardon Gray Preserve will have beautiful new homes! Thank you again so much for helping us with this great opportunity for the kids!

doctoring the ark wildlife


Tiverton's Timber Rattlesnakes, Fact and Fiction

Timber rattlesnakes may be gone from Tiverton, but their lore lives on. Tiverton was the last known refuge of these impressive reptiles in Rhode Island. Their habitat was an area bordered by Bulgarmarsh, Brayton,  Lafayette,  and Main Roads, as well as in the woods south of Lafayette Road -- in short, along Pocasset Ridge.  Eastern timber rattlesnakes are relatively timid and do not rattle or strike unless disturbed. They bask on sunny, rock-strewn slopes and hunt from May to October.

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Destination Tiverton: GIS Trail Mapping

Imagine stopping by the TLT Basket Swamp property and realizing you don’t have a trail map.  You could view a .pdf copy from our website.  Or you could reference your location from your cell phone. Recently approached by Ginger Lacy from the Tiverton Open Space Commission, the TLT Board of Directors is considering a collaborative project that will use Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to map out trails on each of our public access properties, as well as Open Space Commission properties like Weetamoo Woods.  Other groups approached for this project include The Nature Conservancy, RI Audubon Society and the Department of Environmental Management.

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Exploring Pocasset Ridge

"Extensive and Impenetrable Forest"  Such are the notations on a map of Narragansett Bay that was issued in 1820 by Army Corps engineers for the United States Topographical Bureau, the agency that would go on to produce the maps that opened the way to the American West.

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